William Baugh, Sr.

b. abt. 1610 England
m1. in England (son William Jr.)
m2. in VA about 1638-Elizabeth Parker Sharpe (1595-1650 (mother of Mary, John and Thomas)
m3. in VA wife's name unknown-possibly Womack-mother of Katherine and James
d. 1687 Henrico Co., VA.
Spouses and Marriage Dates Where Known
1 William Baugh, Jr.
b. 1636
d. 1676
1. unknown
2. Jane Branch (widow)
2 Mary Baugh
b. 1640
d. 1710
1. John Crowley
2. Thomas Howlett
3. Henry Ascough
4. Thomas Byrd
3 John Baugh
b. 1641
d. 1726
Margaret ?
4 Thomas Baugh (left no descendants)
b. 1643
d. before his father in 1687
5 Katherine Baugh
b. 1653
d. after 1697
____ Jones
6 James Baugh
b. 1655
d. 1723
Elizabeth Ashbrook

Mr. Wm Baugh patented 577 acres in Henrico (now Chesterfield) on the north side of Appomattox River 16 Jan 1668; head rights: Wm Baugh, Sr., Wm Baugh, Jr. & ? This Wm Baugh, Sr., is the first ancestor to whom later generations can be traced. In 1656 he was a justice of Henrico. He was born certainly not later than 1612, for here is on record a deposition dated Dec 1682 of Mr. Wm Baugh in which he stated his age as "70 odd). His will was proved in Henrico Apr 1687; legatees: his son-in-law John Howlett, son John Baugh (to whom he gives his seal ring), grandson John Baugh, Katherine Jones and son James Baugh. His son Wm Baugh, Jr. died before him. In August 1678 is recorded a list of cattle belong to Mary and Pricilla, orphans of Mr. Wm Baugh, deceased. In Apr 1681, Wm Baugh, Sr., gentleman of Henrico, made a deed conferring to his granddaughter, Priscilla Baugh, now the wife of William Farrar, a tract of land which he had, in 1668, given to his grandson, Wm Baugh, and in 1674 to said Priscilla.

It appears from various depositions that the son John Baugh was born in 1641 or 1642. In 1693 he conveyed to his brother James, a tract of land, which had been patented by their father, Wm Baugh, Sr. From a deposition, it appears James was born in 1658.

Virginia Historical Magazine. V. 7, p. 424.

Thomas Baugh was the son of John Baugh and grandson of Rowland Baugh, Esquire, of Twining, in the County of Worcester. (footnote) - Va Magazine. V. 19, 193 mentions Wm Baugh, late of London, now gone in VA (5 Jun 1639). Stanard adds this is probably Wm Baugh who was born about 1610 and was a justice in Henrico County in 1656.

William & Mary Quarterly (1) V. 24, p. 205.

The immigrant William Baugh was born in England and came to Virginia 1638-39 with a son William, Jr. He married at least twice after arriving. He died by 1687. I am descended from a son James Baugh born 1655, mother unknown. He lived in Henrico County, Virginia. Much has been written about him and most Baugh lines do go back to this William.


In HISTORICAL SOUTHERN FAMILIES edited by Mrs. John B. Boddie, Vol. XI, pages 236-237 contains material supporting the above information. She lists a daughter Priscilla, but does not list Catherine. Boddie writes that Thomas left no children.

Charlotte Hughes Brown wrote a well documented article in the Tidewater Genealogical Quarterly entited "The Baugh Family in Virginia." It has an extensive bibliograhy.

John Pritchell wrote an extensively documented genealogy, published as Southside Virginia Genealogies, pp. 2891-2904.

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Abstract of April 1687 - William Baugh Will

Henrico Co Will Book. P. 427. Will of William Baugh of Bristol Parish (abstract)
To son-in-law John Howlett for use of his 3 children, various livestock and household items;
To son John Baugh, items
To grandson John Baugh, 1 cow calf
To Katherine Jones, 1 young sow
Executor: Loving son James Baugh
Dated April 1, 1687
Wit: Thomas Lockett, Peter Ashbrook
Proved at April Court 1687

P. 434 James Baugh confirmed as executor of William Baugh 20 April 1687

source: http://trees.ancestry.com/pt/ViewStory.aspx?tid=6101648&pid=-1342422090&did=85450ae5-74fe-4aa2-b9c6-917ab00b70b7&src=search

Following are a few of the grants to Baugh's as well as to several who married into that family: 

A Small Selection of Land Grants as Recorded in  ‘Virginia County Land Records’  excerts from a part of Volume VI Original Source Page Name: 5 Wm. Baugh 1668
Comment: 577 acres Original Source Page Name: 427 John Baugh 1672
Comment: 200 acres  Original Source Page Name: 188 Maj. Wm. Ferrer ;Lt. Col. Thos. Ligon 1668
Comment: 300 acres Original Source Page Name: 425 Col. Thomas Liggon 1672
Comment: 1468A. 1R. 28p. acres Original Source Page Name: 454 James Adkin ; Richard Womack 1673
Comment: 335 acres Original Source Page Name: 447 Richard Womack 1672
Comment: 450 acres Original Source Page Name: 447 Thomas Ligon 1672
Comment: senior;340 acres Original Source Page Name: 486 Capt. Wm. Bird 1673
Comment: 1280 acres Original Source Page Name: 496 Abel Gower 1673
Comment: 501A. 1R. 24po. Acres Original Source Page Name: 496 Maj. Wm. Harris 1671
Comment: 1202A. 2R. 4po. Acres Original Source Page Name: 318 James Baugh 1683
Comment: 119A. 1R. 30po. Acres Original Source Page Name: 489 Thomas Branch Sr. 1685
Comment: 760 acres Original Source Page Name: 529 Wm. Hatcher 1674
Comment: 227 acres Original Source Page Name: 604 Capt. Wm. Bird 1675
Comment: 7351 acres Original Source Page Name: 127 Col. Wm. Bird 1682
Comment: 4250 acres Original Source Page Name: 318 James Baugh 1683
Comment: 119A. 1R. 30po. Acres Original Source Page Name: 489 Thomas Branch Sr. 1685
Comment: 760 acres Original Source Page Name: 508 Abel Gower ; Ed. Statton 1686
Comment: 487 acres

source: http://trees.ancestry.com/pt/ViewStory.aspx?tid=6101648&pid=-1342422090&did=50542963-e477-4db6-92c0-0f71fd49aff0&src=search