William Baugh, Jr.

b. before 1638 in England

d. 1676.

M1. .

M2. Jane Branch (widow)


Spouses and Marriage date where known

11. Mary Baugh b. c. 1673 John Cox, c. 1687
12. Priscilla Baugh
b. 1657-1661 in Henrico Co. VA
Major William Farrar
1 Apr 1682

13. William Baugh III

Deceased by 1675/76.


14. Thomas Baugh
b. 1660 - d. 1761
m. 1688

Mary Farley
b. 1668 - d. 1750

15. James Baugh

16 John Baugh 



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In 1708 John Farley, Sr., of Bristol Parish, Chesterfield Co., made a deed of gift of "my old plantation to my daughter, Mary, wife of Thomas Baugh," and in 1732 a deed of gift of a plantation to son, James Farley, in which he mentions his wife, Mary, and also sons Joseph, John, Matthew, and William Farley. Reference: Ibid. (Dale Parish, Chesterfield Co., VA, was taken from Bristol Parish which lay in Chesterfield and Surry Counties on both sides of the Appomattox.) Reference: Ibid. Children of John, Sr. and Mary Farley: Reference: Ibid. and Jesse Kelso Farley, Jr., Twelve Generations of Farleys (Chicago: Press Albin O. Horn Co., 1934) pages 28-29.

Deed #76 pg. 151

John FARLEY, Sr., of Bristol Parish, Henrico Co., for love and affection to my daughter Mary BAUGH, wife of Thomas BAUGH, my old plantation, it being formerly be deed from Richard WOMACK to John WOMACK and from said John to me.

Dated: 29 Oct 1708, Signed: John FARLEY, Sr., Recorded: 1 Mar 1708.

Children of John Farley and Mary Willett are:

76 i. Mary24 Farley, born Abt. 1668 in Henrico Co., Virginia. She married Thomas Baugh.


John B. and Mary Farley, Sr.

Born 1648 at Archer's Hope in James City County, Virginia, John B. Farley, Sr. is the oldest generation for whom certain and fairly exacting records exist. We are fairly certain of his age, for in 1679, in a deposition entered into court records, he stated that he was then thirty-one years of age. Records only indicate the name of Mary for his wife.

While we do not know the exact acreage, we do know that John's lands lay within the old Charles City County. When the county was later divided, his lands apparently fell within both Charles City and Henrico counties. When he gave land to John, Jr. prior to 1692, he reserved from the action, "a certain portion of seventy-five acres falling within the old county of Charles City, situated upon the Blackwater." Nevertheless, he must have originally resided on a portion that fell to Henrico for in another grant, made to his daughter Mary, wife of Thomas Baugh, in 1708, he refers to the tract as "my old plantation, it being formerly by deed from Richard Womack to John Womack and from said John to me."

As late as 1732, John Farley, Sr. was conveying lands, and in a deed to his son James, he also mentioned his wife Mary and sons Joseph, John, Matthew, and William. There probably were other children but not of known record. There are no further records of his death or his last will.