Baugh families in Virginia

Thomas Baugh is the first Baugh family member found in Virginia. He arrived on the ship named Supply in 1619 and was living at Colledge and Shirley Hundred. According to information I received from Arlina Moss, "The ship Supply was for the purpose of bringing people to Berkeley Plantation. It was made up in Bristol, England and arrived in 1620/21 at Berkely. Both Thomas Bauge and my Thomas Shepy were on this ship. It was always intended for Berkeley Plantation." (Bulletin of the New York Public Library, Vol.3 Number 7, July 1899 as posted in As I have conducted research on the family, I have gotten the impression that Thomas may have made multiple trips between England and Virginia (I have not verified this).

William Baugh, the Immigrant, is the Baugh from whom all of us can trace our line.

A John Baugh from Henrico County served in the Virginia House of Burgess in 1641 and 1644-45. The Colonial Virginia Register

James Baugh (d. 1799 in Mecklenburg Co, VA. Need to identify his parents.

John Baugh (died about 1789)

John J. Baugh (served at Texas Alamo)

Reuben Baugh (b. 1804 VA)

William Baugh (b. 1774/75) Sussex County, VA.

1810 Census


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