Wills and Deeds of Prince George County VA (copied at KY Historical society)

James Baugh, wife Elizabeth Baugh

Transferred land 9 Jan 1722 in Prince George Co.

Also had 199.5 acres on east side of great branch of Chamberlains Bedd as recorded by surveyor 22 Feb 1720.


KY Historical Society




Calendar of Virginia Land Patents

Volume I, 1623-1800

KY Historical Society


John Baugh 100 acres

Henrico County 24 Jul 1645 p. 27?

Historical Register of Virginians in the Revolution.   .

Baugh, Alexander


E=Index of the Revolutionary Records in the Virginia State Archives

Baugh, Joel


G CL=6th VA Regiment, Continental Line

Baugh, Richard


Captain in 1777 E

Baugh, Robert


Engisn & Reg. Quartermaster 15 CL 28 Nov 1776; resigned Oct 1777.

Baugh, Robert


Issuing Commisary 2nd VA Brigade mss. WD War Dept.

Baugh, William



List of Colonial Soldiers of Virginia.

Baugh, Jacob    D.W. Page 422            R. G. Thwaites’s Dunmore’s War