James Baugh, (III)

James Baugh III VA

b. ca 1710-1715

d. c. 1780 Brunswick Co., VA
m1 Margaret b. 1712
married Jan 1735 Bristol


Spouse and Marriage Date where known William Baugh (son of m1)
b. 7 Oct 1735
D. 1788/89


Nancy Agnes Allison

m2) Martha b. 1721 Prince George Co., VA
married 1739 Dinwiddie Co., VA Martha Baugh (dau of m2)

 b. 1738

Prince George County, VA
d. 1813 in GA

William Cureton James Baugh (IV) (son of m2)

b. 2 Dec 1740

Prince George County, VA Adam Baugh (son of m2)

b. 1 Feb 1743/44

Prince George County, VA Daniel Baugh (son of m2)

b. c. 1745
d. 1816 in Putnam Co., GA


2. Lucy Brooks Elizabeth Baugh (dau of m2)

b. 1 Jan 1750

Prince George County, VA
d. 1816 in SC

John Eppes

Ca. 1769

m3) Sarah ? Sarah Baugh (dau of m3)


? Dinwiddie County, VA

James Blick

26 Nov. 1785 (bond) Tabitha Baugh (dau of m3)

b. 1770

? Dinwiddie County, VA

Roger Mallory, jr.

24 Oct 1788 (bond)

Information taken from Rebekah Senter MSS in Tennessee Archives by Monte H. Knight, Columbia, TN.