Samuel Baugh

ü      B. VA about 1788

ü      M. Elizabeth Williams in SC Mar 1815

ü      War of 1812 Pension Application

ü      D. Logan Co., KY about 1900


Spouses and marriage dates where known

Susan Baugh
B. 28 sep 1817

Married Alfred C. Wilson, Logan Co., KY Jun 1840

Mary "Polly" Baugh

B. 25 Aug 1819

Married John Knight, Logan Co., KY 6 Jul 1842

Frances Baugh

B. 4 Jun 1821

Married Claborn. A. Smith 13 Jul 1848

James M. Baugh

B. 30 Sep 1823

Married Nancy Jane Miller, Butler Co. KY 8 Jan 1846

Eliza Baugh
B. 22 Sep 1825

Married Brannon Jenkins

Simeon H. Baugh
B. 8 Mar 1828

Married Pauline Mann

John Baugh

B. 7 Mar 1830

Married Mary Jane

Sara Baugh
B. 1 May 1832


Samuel W. Baugh
B. 13 Aug 1834

Married Cathern Brown

Tabitha Ancefronia Baugh
B. 18 Aug 1836

Married Jesse Mann, Butler Co., KY 17 Sep 1857

Samuel Baugh and John Baugh signed the 1819 Logan Co,. KY tax list in the order listed. (microfilm at KY Historical Society, Frankfort, KY)

Information on the children of Samuel Baugh and Elizabeth Williams compiled from two records I found in the KY DAR records at the KY Historical Society, Frankfort, KY.

Samuel’s War of 1812 Pension Application

Baugh, Samuel: Sc 3939; blwt. 36744-40-50; 84977-120-55
Private in Capt. Key’s Company, S. Carolina Militia. Enlisted 10 Dec 1813; discharged 15 Mar 1814, Residence 1850-155 Logan Co., KY. 1871—Butler Co. KY. P. O. Harrelsville, KY. Wife, Elizabeth Williams; married ___ Mar 1815.
State of KY., Co. of Butler, On 7 Apr 1871 Samuel Baugh, aged 83, a resident of Butler County, declared he was married to Elizabeth Williams, March 1815, wife now dead. Served in Captain Key’s Company at Edgefield, SC. Honorably discharged at Beaufort’s Island. SC.

Kentucky Genealogist, Oct-Dec 1971, Vol. 13, No. 4. p. 140

The 1870 Logan County, KY census for the Hardison District lists Samuel and Elizabeth. That census was enumerated 1 Jul 1870. Elizabeth died after that date, but before 7 Apr 1871 when Samuel applied for his War of 1812 pension.