Mary “Polly” Baugh

B. 25 Aug 1819 Logan Co., KY

M. 6 Jul 1842 John Franklin Knight


Spouses and Marriage dates where known
James Henry Harrison Knight
Presley Martin "Mart" Knight
John Franklin II Knight
Samuel F.  Knight
George L.  Knight
William Yeoman Jr Knight


The material below written by Eden Kuhlenschmidt

MARY “POLLY” BAUGH (Samuel1) The second child of Elizabeth and Samuel Baugh, Mary was born August 25, 1819 in Logan Co., Kentucky (48).  Mary shows up on the 1820 census as one of two females, age zero to ten living in the Samuel Baugh household in Logan County (1). She appears in census records in 1840 where she is one of two female adults in the age twenty to thirty category (4).  Mary married JOHN FRANKLIN KNIGHT on or about July 06, 1842 in Logan County, Kentucky (76).  In later years her nickname changed to  "Pop" or "Aunt Pop" (50). Jack’s parents were Mary Simmons and Rodney Knight from information given in Logan Co., Marriages (76).

In th 1850 census, Elizabeth Baugh, her mother, is visiting them in Butler County.

Additional documented information found in the Date Parties Book Logan County Courthouse, Russellville, Logan Co., Kentucky and copied by Ivan Baugh include that in 1842 Samuel Baugh transferred to Mary “Polly” Baugh, et. Al. Real and Personal Property Book Y, p. 378 (75).  At that time it was traditional for parents to provide land for sons as they married.  This is a case of parents providing land or perhaps selling land to a daughter.  This leads a person to speculate as to why they would have provided land for Polly, their second daughter and not their first daughter, Susan.  In 1847 Elizabeth, Francis, Mary (Polly) and Samuel Baugh to George W. Norton 143 a., Muddy River Book 28, p. 382.  John Franklin Knight’s occupation between 1851 and 1858 was that of a surveyor, contracted several times to do work for Butler County, Kentucky (75).  According to Pioneer Families Polly and Jack could be found in Muhlenberg Co., Kentucky in the 1860, 1870, and 1880 census of Skilesville, Kentucky (33). In the 1850 census they were living in Butler County, Kentucky. His occupation is listed as farmer. Both recorded their age as being twenty-eight in that census (6).  According to family records this might be correct in John’s case, but not Polly’s, since she was born in 1819. (Note by Ivan Baugh: In that census, Elizabeth Baugh is listed as mother. Evidently her mother was visiting her daughter at the time the census was taken.)

Polly and Jack Knight are buried in Logan Co., Kentucky at the Simmons Chapel Cemetery. The epitaph on their tombstone reads:

Not lost blest though, but gone before
     Where we shall meet to part no more (50)