Logan County, KY

The earliest record of Baugh families residing in Logan County, KY exists on the 1819 Tax List. Samuel Baugh and John Baugh signed in that order. Tradition reports that they came to Logan County in 1817 but this researcher has found no documentation of that date.

John Baugh

Samuel Baugh

an article, "The Baugh Family: Virginia to Kentucky, via South Carolina" by Ivan Baugh appeared in Kentucky Ancestors, Autumn 2003, Vol. 39, No. 1, pp. 3-6. This article shows the family in Virginia, lists events that may have influenced the move to South Carolina, and concludes with influences that may have impacted their trip to Kentucky.

The 1830 census lists Abraham G. Baugh and his wife. I have a documented connection of a relationship between John, Samuel, and Abraham. Abraham was the son of Abraham Baugh, Jr. and Judith Coleman of Garrard County, KY. They connct through Thomas Baugh, son of James Baugh I (1655-1723) in Chesterfield County, VA.

Logan County Real Estate Transactions

In the book, Place Names in Kentucky, under the name Diamond Springs--the name to which Baugh Station was changed, the authors writes: "Two miles east, on the present U.S. 431, a post office called Baugh Station, probably a stage coach stop, was established on March 23, 1858, by George N. Baugh. By 1880, when the "Station" was dropped from the name, it had moved to the tracks of the Owensboro & Nashville (now L & N) Railroad, and in 1901 was renamed Diamond Springs." A search of the archives of the L & N Railroad shows that Baugh Station was a flag stop on the railroad from 1877 through 1903 when it was dropped from the schedule.