George Nelson Baugh
b. 9 Mar 1829
m. Margaret Virginia Booker
Spouses and Marriage date where known
James H. Clay Baugh
(b. 22 Apr 1855)
William Brad Baugh
Mary E. Baugh
Levina V. Baugh
George Robert Baugh
Martha M. Baugh
Lillie Belle Baugh
Charles A. Baugh
Erie C. Baugh (girl)
Thomas Baugh

1880 Census Data

George N. Baugh age 51 born in KY
Mary V. Baugh age 40 born in TN
James H. Clay age 25 born in KY
William Brad age 22 born in KY
Mary E. age 20 born in KY
Levina V. age 17 born in KY
George Robert age 15 born in KY
Martha M. age 11 born in KY
Lillie Belle age 9 born in KY
Charles A. age 7 born in KY
Erie C. (female) age 5 born in KY
Thomas age 1 born in KY

Father born in VA
Mother born in VA

Parents married in SC

Children's name taken from the 1880 Logan County, KY census record.