Bartlett Baugh

b. Edgefield, SC
15 Jul 1809
d. 21 Oct 1875

m Elizabeth Dillon


Buried in Fisher Cemetary, 3 miles nw of Pleasanton, KS
John Henry Baugh

Buried in Fisher Cemetery

Mary Ann
William Baugh

Buried around Kincaid, Anderson Co., KS

Nancy (1st wife buried at Fisher)
Elizabeth Virginia Baugh

Buried at Fisher

Abraham Weeks
m. 6 Feb 1859
Louis Baugh

Buried at Fisher

Never married
Nancy Baugh

Buried at Fisher

Jacob (Jake) Zachariah Fleming
Cassander Baugh

Buried in Pleasanton Cemetery

John Cady
Anne Baugh

Buried at Pleasanton

Joe Day
George Mitchell Baugh

Green Valley Cemetary

Paulina Baugh
Letha Baugh

Buried Fisher Cemetery

Milton Moore
Quincy Baugh

Lived in Arkansas
Melville Beverage Cox Baugh

Buried around Emporia, Lyon Co., KS

Addie Hickman

They left Kentucky in Summer of 1856, spent winter in Illinois, came to Linn County, KS in spring of 1857.

Children of William and Nancy Baugh

            John Baugh (Threshing machine)

                        Grandchildren: Alden


Children of Jennie and Abraham Weeks



Children of Nancy and Jake Fleming

            Belle Cady

Children of Cassandra and John Cady




            Frances Humphry

Mitchell and Paulina Baugh

            J. C. Baugh

Letha and Milton Moore



Melville Beverage Cox Baugh and Addie Hickman



This was on letterhead from J. C. Baugh Co, Charlotte, NC, dated 19 Sep 1957. On the bottom Owen W. Baugh of Pleasanton, KS indicating his sister is Mrs. J. K. Harrison, Sr., 116 13th Street, Pulaski, VA 24301.

He notes that J. C. Baugh was his uncle; died in 1976 and is buried in Green Valley Cemetery 3 mi north of Pleasanton.