The first record I found of the Baugh name in the United States dates to 1623 when Thomas Baugh arrived in Virginia on a ship named Supply. This ship came from Glouchestershire in southwestern England. The Supply was associated with the Berkeley Plantation in Virginia. Arlina Moss provided the following: "The ship Supply was for the purpose of bringing people to Berkeley Plantation. It was made up in Bristol, England and arrived in 1620/21 at Berkely. Both Thomas Bauge (Baugh) and my Thomas Shepy were on this ship. It was always intended for Berkeley Plantation. " quotation from Bulletin of the New York Public Library, Vol.3 Number 7, July 1899.

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Researchers have found no record of any descendants of this Thomas Baugh. On the passenger list sources link below, you will find Thomas Baugh listed in three books with dates from 1619 to 1624.

Researchers have found descendants of William Baugh, probably brought to the United States by Thomas Baugh. Most of us can trace our roots back to him. I invite you to contribute to our research. Those of us who have worked on this project continually seek to document our evidence. We ask contributors to join us in this effort. If information you have comes from family lore, please identify it as such. This may open doors for others.

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